Product Methodology

The project starts with a receipt of an enquiry, to understand the customer basic needs our technical team at DFW Envirotech India Pvt Ltd gets down to the site for a survey. Based on this survey a special cell equipped with the latest software, expert Design Engineers and skilled draughts men, designs the system and evaluate for its feasibility before presenting to the client.

Once the design is approved by the client, the project is sent to the technical team, where the manufacturing and assembling is done. When the product is ready it is sent to testing department where all the key components are tested Inspection is done at all stages of manufacturing starting with the raw material.

After the testing of final product special attention is given to every critical component at all stages of assembling process, which pays a key role in the performance of the system.

Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with latest technology that requires a bare minimum downtime and power consumption due to which we meet our deadlines and complete the client work on schedule without any loss of valuable time or money. We at DFW see to this that our final product to the client is up to the standards, performance and durability.

The bought out items which goes along with our system are dispatched only after approval of DFW`s quality assurance engineers to ensure desired Quality and Performance.

To avoid communication gaps, delays we have our own team which is specialized in the field of Installation at client site by this the client saves their own manpower required for supervising project installation.