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DFW Objectives

To bring back our mother earth back to it's earlier state of environment where each and every living thing moved in it’s own state in a clean and pollution free environment.


We recognise that the world needs a clean environment. DFW Envirotech takes a great pride, providing Dust Suppression Systems to Power, Mining, Cement, Steel, Agriculture and Domestic Sectors; we work to find newer ways to provide a cleaner environment to these areas.

We are a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Dust Suppression Systems.


Since 1998 our company has been consistently northward bound and became an Industry leader by setting standards for highest quality products and services.

We achieved this by teamwork and sheer dedication. We are capable of handling large scale projects anywhere in India and abroad. We focus on comprehensive dust management techniques to provide effective and low cost solutions. Our expertise problem solving techniques have allowed us to serve and treat the largest power, mining and cement plants in the country.

Due to our vast experience and quest for quality and professional management we have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001-2008 certification for Survey, design, engineering, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of systems for 100% dust control.


In the year 1998 Mr Sumedh Rangnekar started DFW Envirotech with an idea to bring our mother earth back to its earlier state of pollution free environment. He started by developing Dust Suppression System to increase the efficiency of man power by creating hazard free environment in the industrial sectors.

As a company we have grown up quite successfully in this particular area.

Technology is propelling our growth. We're focusing on technologies that improve our chances of finding, developing and producing dust suppression system with latest technologies incorporation.

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